International Journal of Plant Sciences and Phytomedicines

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Instructions for Authors

Papers should be well structured and prepared according to the given guidelines below;

Title: It should be short title with no more 60 to 70 characters. Each ward capital with 14 size, bold, Time new romans (TNR).

Author name(s), Name of Authors should be in capital letters with full postal and email addresses for each author. Please indicate star (⁕) at end of second name of the corresponding author. E.g. TANVEER HUSSAIN⁕. Italic, Time new rumens, size 12, bold

Summary: A very short abstract with no more than 250-300 words will be presented in form of summary

Main text:  This section should be subdivided into different sections mentioned below: Time new romans (TNR), Font Size 12, Main heading bold, Justify all text.

  • Introduction: In introduction author will describe the background of the work.  Explanation of the study area and objectives of the study.
  • Methodology: a brief description of sampling and techniques used in research will be presented here.
  • Results and Discussion: a clear presentation of experimental results in tabulated form will be presented here in this section. Also justify results with background knowledge at top of each table in form of discussion.
  • Conclusions: A brief explanation of the significance and output of the work reported.
  • Future Perspectives: Author can write future perspectives of the study in this section.
  • Acknowledgement: If author want to describe additional support of any person or funding agency. He can acknowledge here.
  • References: Author will ensure that all work cited in the text is included in the reference list, and that the dates and authors given in the text match those in the reference list. References style of our journal is given below.
    1. Journal references style

Hussain, M., & Ismaili, N. J. (2019). Phytopathogenic fungi associated with ripening fruit of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) during rainy season in the university area of Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan. Plant Protection3(3), 161-165.

Tariq, M., Dawar, S., Mehdi, F. S., & Zaki, M. J. (2006). Use of Avicennia marina in the control of root infecting fungi on okra and mash bean. Pakistan Journal of Botany38(3), 811-818.

  1. Book

Abarenkov, K., Adams, R. I., Laszlo, I., Agan, A., Ambrosio, E., Antonelli, A. & Nilsson, R. H. (2016). Annotating public fungal ITS sequences from the built environment according to the MIxS-Built Environment standard–a report from a May 23-24, 2016 workshop (Gothenburg, Sweden). MycoKeys16, 1.

Henze M., Harremoës P., LaCour Jansen J. & Arvin E. (1995). Wastewater Treatment: Biological and Chemical Processes. Springer, Heidelberg.

Appendix: Author can add fugure, site pictures and addition material in forms of tables in this section.

Corresponding author

The corresponding author(s) is responsible for ensuring that all appropriate contributors are listed as authors and that all listed authors have agreed to the manuscript's content and its submission to International Journal of Plant Sciences and Phytomedicines. When an authorship dispute occurs, it must be resolved and approved in writing by all parties before the manuscript is processed further. Multiple corresponding authors are allowed for a single submission, but at least one corresponding author should be responsible for ensuring adherence to all editorial and submission policies and for timely communication and action. There must be email, cell/ phone number of the corresponding author in the paper for prompt contact if required.

Co-authorship designations


In addition to the corresponding author(s), there can be any number of authors that can be designated as numeric superscript which must match with their departmental and institutional affiliation. Addition or removal of author names after submission is not allowed unless it is justified under exceptional circumstances where a satisfactory explanation for the proposed change will have to be provided. International Journal of Plant Sciences and Phytomedicines will also require a letter of consent from any person whose name has been removed or added to verify that the removed author agrees to such an action.

Distribution of materials and data

One of the terms and conditions of publishing with International Journal of Plant Sciences and Phytomedicines is that authors should be willing to distribute any materials, data sets, codes and protocols newly generated in the published experiments to qualified researchers for their research uses. Before final manuscript acceptance, the corresponding author will be required to fill out a checklist to make sure that the materials, data sets, codes, and protocols used in the manuscript will be promptly made available according to our policy. Materials include but are not limited to cells, DNA, antibodies, reagents, and transgenic organisms. These must be made available with minimal restrictions and in a timely manner, but it is acceptable to request reasonable payment to cover the cost of maintenance and transport of materials. If there are restrictions to the availability of any materials, data, or information, these must be disclosed in the cover letter and in the methods section of the manuscript at the time of submission. Data sets must be made freely available to readers from the date of publication. When requested, data must also be provided to the Editors and peer reviewers at submission for the purposes of evaluating the manuscript.